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ProSpend Spend Analytics offers a secure web-based interface to improve visibility of your third-party expenditure. It is kept up-to-date with an automated feed from your finance system so there is no need to re-run expensive manual exercises every year. Full drill-down capability is provided to invoice line-level data that will easily enable you to identify anomalous spend behaviour and identify savings opportunities.

ProSpend is used by around 100 public and private sector organisations in the UK - most of which have incorporated custom requirements.

The three most commonly stated reasons for our clients selecting ProSpend over competing products are that ProSpend:

  • gives you control of your spend classification using powerful mapping rules
  • aligns spend data with contracts to highlight contract usage and compliance
  • accommodates custom requirements without incurring consultancy fees
  • ProSpend gives you all the information you need to set your procurement strategy, fully up-to-date and available via any internet-connected PC or mobile device at any time.

    For further information please see Features and Benefits, or visit the Atamis Info Centre, or for a no-obligation 30-minute on-line demonstration at your desk, please email stating your prefered date and time.

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    Spend Classification Services

    Atamis provides a range of services for classifying your spend data. Please see Services for further details.