In its Spring 2020 software release, Atamis has added DocuSign’s powerful e-signature functionality to its procurement solution. DocuSign can shorten contract preparation times, enhance security and save money on postage costs.

The Contract Documents feature in Atamis is now fully integrated with DocuSign. Clients who are licenced to use DocuSign will be able to get suppliers to sign documents directly in Atamis instead of opening a separate DocuSign console.


Position signatures anywhere in a document: Some e-signature systems only allow you to insert a single signature at the end. DocuSign uses text anchors to place multiple signatures anywhere they are needed within PDF documents.

Can be used for all PDFs: The feature works with both documents created within Contract Documents and PDFs uploaded into the system.

Works with multiple files: Clients can also include multiple files that need signing in the same DocuSign envelope so that nothing will be missed.

Added security: DocuSign provides a fully secure, automated e-signature process. Documents are automatically routed, and users have visibility of them throughout the contract lifecycle.

Improves productivity: The DocuSign feature speeds up approval and agreement times. There’s no waiting around for physical documents to be signed and returned. Once they are e-signed, documents are automatically attached to the contract file in the Atamis system.

Reduced costs: The electronic delivery of documents means users save money on printing, paper and postage or courier costs.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about the DocuSign feature or our solutions to help optimise your procurement process.