As part of our work with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to implement a single eCommercial System across DHSC, its Arms Length Bodies and NHS trusts that wish to onboard, we have brought forward the activation of the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) module, which was originally planned to deliver in June. We are very proud to have supported DHSC by delivering the Supplier Relationship Management component two months ahead of schedule. Our hope is that this will be particularly timely and helpful for DHSC in this time of increased pressure on the NHS and Care sector during the COVID-19 crisis.

To support this project we have introduced new features that present users with unprecedented insights into the stability of potential and existing suppliers. Using integrated market intelligence on supplier financials, performance, credit ratings, share prices and prompt payment data from services such as Dun & Bradstreet, DueDil, Companies House, Alpha Vantage and other providers, users can evaluate company financials, see vulnerabilities and use that data to assess supplier health. Real time integrations enable users to subscribe to automated alerts that provide early warning of issues that may impact a supplier’s ability to provide goods and services.

Steve Balding, DHSC Atamis Project Implementation lead, commented: “Many organisations across the health system contract with the same suppliers. Atamis brings the ability for supplier management practitioners across the health system and NHS to collaborate on suppliers’ performance; this will transform our ability to manage supplier relationships across organisational boundaries. This new capability comes at a critical time for the NHS. Atamis integration to Companies House, Dun & Bradstreet, DueDil and Alpha Vantage for stock prices has enabled us to completely automate data gathering so that supplier management experts can focus on supplier engagement. Atamis have exceeded our expectations: they delivered on budget and ahead of schedule.”

The remainder of the Single eCommercial System for the Health Family is on track to go live on 1 June 2020 and will include eSourcing, Contract Management and Business Case Approval.