Our Product Manager Oana Grosu with her view on the UK’s Post-Brexit Procurement Bill:

“The UK’s renowned Post-Brexit Procurement Bill has now completed the committee stage in the House of Commons. As the industry prepares for this new legislation, Procurement teams everywhere need to know that they’ve got a system they can rely on to grow with their business and adapt to any changes to legislation in the UK and beyond.”

With that in mind, here’s 5 reasons Atamis is the system you need to modernise your procurement processes and protect your business from disruption, whether as a consequence of an ever-changing maketplace of as a result of legislative changes.

  1. Update, straight ahead!
    The full implications of the Bill will unfold in due course but at Atamis, we consistently work to better our product and adapt it to our clients’ changing needs and expectations. We offer four software releases every year, with each release containing system and functionality updates keeping your procurement systems slick and up to date.
  2. Make it your own
    With our system, the opportunity for personalisation really is vast. It’s perfectly fine having all the tools in the toolkit but if it’s not specific to your department’s particular needs – it’s no good! Whether it’s adding your own terminology, your particular project stages or your specific criteria by which to rank contracts or suppliers, we’ve got it covered.
  3. Reporting Reporting Reporting
    We hear from so many clients that reporting key Management Information to different parties is a particularly complex part of their procurement process. For our clients, reporting is a breeze. All fields are reportable, opening up endless reporting options. You can even set up report subscriptions ensuring reports that need to be distributed regularly can automatically be generated, refreshed and distributed to the relevant parties.
  4. 3rd party integrations
    Atamis can be configured to fit your organisation’s bespoke requirements. If, for example, you need to know the credit scores of your prospective suppliers to limit risk, as long as the third-party database is available, we can ensure your dashboard is set up to pull that data through for you*. Atamis can put the information you need to make those crucial decisions at your fingertips.
  5. Client Retention
    If you got 90 out of 100 questions right, you’d be quite happy wouldn’t you? Well, each year more than 90% of all of our clients choose to stay with Atamis as their dedicated procurement software partner!

We know that it’s a tricky time for procurement professionals, supply chain management has never been more complex. With new regulations on the horizon, it’s the right time to reach out and find out how Atamis can help out your procurement team and your operations.

Get in touch to find out more.

*3rd party integrations dependant on which modules have been purchased and data refresh frequency dependant on payment plan.